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Montessori Parts of Speech Quiz

How much do you REALLY know about Montessori?

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Find out how much you know about Montessori with our 10 question quiz.

Barack Obama Quote on Reading

The moment we persuade a child, any child, to cross that threshold into a library...

People Walking Under Spaceship Earth

March 2010 visit to Epcot on a warm Spring day.

Montessori Themed Songs

A collection of Montessori related songs which includes The Oceans, the 50 States, and The Water Cycle. Classroom music for children in Montessori education.

Wooden Tool Bench Activity Center

The tool bench is created with a wonderful play surface and rounded edges for safety.


Color illustrations by award-winning artist Jan Spivey Gilchrist add an edgy charm.

Vera Bradley Summer Design

The summer design in a tote bag, great for a day at the beach.

Nursing Cover Fabric Wrap

This 100% cotton nursing wrap can also serve as a blanket and sun protection for a new baby.

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