Breast Pump in India – What all things you need to know

Breast pump is a commonly used mechanical device that extracts milk from the breasts of a lactating woman. This is a common problem that bothers a lot of lactating mothers which often to leads to other complications like infections and fever. The most effective way of getting over this problem is by getting the breast pump which can solve this problem. However, before buying a breast pump it is very important to go through all reviews of that breast pump and only then decide about buying one. This is because only a good breast pump can do the job efficiently and safely without harming the woman in any manner.

While it is a fact that breast milk is the best possible nourishment for the new born baby, but at times breast feeding can also bring with it a lot of complications and issues especially to the woman. This might prevent the woman from easily sucking the breast. In such a situation, the best way to overcome the problem is by buying the best breast pump in India and seeing that the excess milk is pumped out thereby enabling the baby to suckle the breast. This also is very vital in preventing the woman from falling sick with fever, heaviness in the breast and uncontrolled outflow of milk from the breast.
breast pump in India

Though many experts keep on highlighting about the importance and the need to use breast pumps, when it comes to the mother only she knows the exact use and benefit of using breast pumps. Some users also talk about an alternate route of controlling excess secretion and overflow of breast milk. Many doctors prescribe medicines and drugs that temporarily stop or reduce the secretion of breast milk. But on the contrary there are quite a few breast pump reviews that are strongly against such a method of treatment. According to such reviews, use of these medicines could create a lot of complications and could totally stop the generation of breast milk which could be a major problem.

Furthermore, when mothers are under such medication, there is a restriction that mothers cannot breast feed their child for a minimum period of 12 hours. Hence, to see that the child’s feeding is not affected, many advocate the use of breast pumps as a better way of reducing the suffering of the woman without depriving the child of its share of mother’s milk.

Choosing the right breast pump in India 2017

If you’re getting ready to go back to work, or you’d like to be able to leave home baby-free, or you just want to get some rest, using a breast pump will allow your baby to benefit from your milk even when you’re not around. A breast pump may come in handy during those first few days after you’ve delivered, when the breasts can become so full that a baby may have trouble latching on. Manual pumps are designed for occasional use but are cheaper and lightweight. The most important thing to consider is how often you will be using the pump. All breast pumps have a breast shield (also known as a flange) that cups your breast.

  • Things can be sailing along in the hospital, but when you get home, supply can outpace demand.
  • Electric pumps might be more efficient but are more expensive, noisier and bulkier.
  • Each breast pump is designed for a specific level of usage and you will get the most benefit from a pump that closely matches your personal circumstances.
  • Breast shields come in varying sizes depending on the type and brand of breast pump you choose.
  • Pumps can also play a vital role in stimulating milk production when a mom has with little supply.
  • If you need to express infrequently or for a short period, consider hand expressing or hiring an electric pump.

Types of breast pump
Worried about pain or discomfort? Some models provide multiple sizes for you to try out from the get go while others offer additional sizes for purchase. The physiology of breastfeeding is a demand-supply loop. If a doctor or other health professional recommends an addition to breastfeeding, or its replacement, during the first 4 to 6 months, it is preferable to use an infant formula meeting recognized quality standards. The Dr. These are the most powerful pumps, and can be used to establish milk supply for mothers who are separated from their babies due to complications on either end. By pumping for 10 to 15 minutes after baby has already nursed, the extra stimulation will typically create a more robust milk supply over time. When used correctly this supplies the nutritional needs of your baby in an easily digestible form. Brown’s Double Electric is the pump for you — it’s all about making the pumping experience feel more natural.

Manual breast pump
Hospital-grade pumps are also available to rent from both stores and hospitals. This will depend on how often you plan to express milk. And the hospital-grade pump is for those needing to establish and build their milk supply. It has soft breast cups that actually move to mimic baby’s tongue motions (a little weird, but cool, huh?) and help encourage let-down. You might consider this option if you’re unsure about breastfeeding and want to try it for a few weeks before you invest in a pump of your own.

Electric breast pump
If you’re only going to express occasionally, a manual pump will probably suffice. In some cases, the baby has difficulty to latch (due to very young age, e.g. born premature), health problem, and so on. Plus, its “Simplisse” technology doesn’t tug or pinch as much as some other pumps. A typical pumping session lasts about 10 to 15 minutes a breast. However, if you plan on expressing a lot, many mums think the investment in an electric pump is worth it, and can save aching wrists.

If you’re having difficulty nursing, gave birth prematurely or have multiples, these highly efficient hospital-grade pumps may be your best bet. Manual breast pumps are operated by hand and require no power source (just a good grip!) The pump is operated by manually pressing or moving the handle in a continuous motion. If you’ll be pumping at work or in other time-crunched situations, you might want to invest in an electric breast pump that allows you to pump both breasts at once. Breast pumps have been a boon to mothers who cannot nurse their babies due to varied reasons, but there are flip sides to these as well. Babies nurse at a rate of about one pull per second.

Manual pumps are designed for single pumping only (one hand is used to hold the pump to the breast while the other hand manually operates it). Manual pumping is usually slower and takes longer than when using an electric pump. A double-breast pump helps stimulate milk production while reducing pumping time by half. In the initial months, when the milk supply is high, using a breast pump prevents breast engorgement. Most hospital-grade pumps operate at multiple levels up to 50 cycles per minute, mimicking natural sucking and efficiently stimulating milk supply. Suitable for occasional use.
Designed for single mum use only. Keep in mind that there is a difference between a closed system pump and a multiple user pump. Many closed system pumps are not designed to be used by more than one person – in fact, most pumps purchased by mothers are intended to be single-user pumps, and the manufacturer warranties and motor life will reflect that fact.

Top breast pump reviews

As we said earlier, there are different types of breast pump available in India and they differ in prices and features. If you are looking for the top breast pump of 2017, then go for Philips or Medela breast pump. Here are the list:

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Medel harmony breast pump
My electric breast pump died, so I thought I’d give the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump a whirl. It’s great for when you need something small and discreet. Easy to set up and use, easy to dissemble and clean. This pump scored the highest for comfort out of any of the pumps we tested, snagging a perfect 10/10. I was skeptical at first and when I opened the box I saw various daunting gizmos.

It’s very lightweight and the pieces break down into six tiny pieces including the bottle. If you are only pumping occasionally this is perfect. It was closely followed by the Spectra S1 in the same category. But I soon realised that I didn’t have to feel intimidated, because everything assembled easily. I have broken it down and put in a baggy to slip into my purse for a night out. <br/ >Very comfortable and you can see the milk as it is collected. We scored this pump so high due to its “double phase expression” mode and the ability to operate it yourself and determine exactly what speed and suction level were most comfortable. I have used it everywhere from a restaurant to a football game and of course for occasional pumping at home. The only negative is that your hand may ache but its super easy to pump and you will build up hand strength Read more…

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Daily Health Tips for Healthy Living – And Must Have Health Tools

Have you ever said this to yourself before? I want to be healthy. Guess what? People say that plenty of times, but they give up without even trying. It is probably because the idea of being healthy, and leading a healthy lifestyle does sound enticing but the process does not.

But guess what the good news is? Its really not that hard. You just have to do it enough to where it becomes a habit, a routine. A lot of people say that they are not motivated enough, but you know what? Trust me, after you follow that routine for a few days where it becomes a habit, you will start to see changes. You will feel energized, lighter, cleaner and healthier. That is what is going to motivate you for the rest of your life. There a lot of people trying to lose those pounds and are singing the I want to be healthy tune. But the problem is that they are doing it wrong. They are taking pills and going on diets were they keep starving their body off of nutrients. That’s unhealthy and it does not work! It is a temporary fix. Just Temporary! To be healthy and to see permanent results you actually have to lead a healthy lifestyle. This includes mainly two things- eating healthy, and being active. That’s all there is to it. A lot of people think its hard. But seriously it is not. It is all in your mind. They are actually very fun. Once you start doing it and start seeing results, you will actually regret not starting sooner. It is a great feeling. It takes work. I know that. But guess what? You will see results, instantly. Besides, doing something that makes me feel better, and healthier, something that gives me so much more stamina, I am ready to do. You can do it too. Seriously, you can. You can start right now. All you have to do is, stop looking for reasons not to do it. Just do it and don’t give up too easy.

There is this saying, where there is a will there is a way. It Never gets old. Push yourself. You are in control of your body. You can make it or break it. Breaking it is easy. You know that too! Making it takes hard work (or at least in the beginning it does), but the results are so much better and life long. You feel better both physically and mentally. Start right now. I know you can do it. you just have to make the decision and act on it.

Daily Health Tips for Healthy Living

It is necessary that every person live a healthy life on a daily basis as this is the primary purpose of this content. I have taken out the perfect time to write down this information because I do believe in wellness. As it is often stated that health is wealth. It doesnt matter the amount of money you have in your account neither does it really make a difference the quantity of your education and even ability, if all this things are present without health, it is as good as having nothing at all. When you’re healthy you would be able to take advantage of the great things of this life. Someone spoke to me one certain time and said Ill prefer to be poor and healthy rather than to be rich and sick. How interesting that statement sounds.
But as much as Im concerned, I prefer to be wealthy and healthy at the same time, what do you think? And the sweet thing about it is that it is quite possible. All you have to do is add the right food in your diet and even if you don’t have any diet plan, you can begin by having one today. Using a diet plan is one of the ways to ensure you eat the right and appropriate meal every time. As you read on you will find healthy tips that would enable you to live a healthy lifestyle.

Daily Health Tips No. 1 Cleanliness

With regards to living a healthy life, you must first consider cleanliness. As they always say cleanliness is next to Godliness. It is important that you keep yourself fresh all the time to prevent yourself from getting exposed to unnecessary health challenges which can be detrimental to your health. Adopt the habit of cleaning your hands often before eaten, keeping both hands clean always, cleaning your body by bathing at least two times daily (this is mostly required by those in the tropical region), washing your fruits before eaten and making sure that you dont wear dirty cloths. These habits should also be taught to your children as they also need to stay healthy. Never find yourself touching your hair and using the same hand to touch your eyes as your hair is a carrier of germs and could lead to some health issues whenever you try this.

Every day Health Tips No. 2 Healthy Eating

One of the major factors for healthy living is food and not merely any food but balanced diet. One of the main cause for the health problems that a lot of people encounter nowadays are caused by not enough healthy food intake. So to stay healthy you have to adopt balanced and healthy diet for your daily use. Eat more of nutritious foods rather than junks. One of the easy ways to avoid junks food is by staying away from the fast food restaurants. Its also wise to steer clear of smoking and alcohol drinking. Instead drink a lot of water and fresh natural fruit juices that you squeezed yourself.

Every day Health Tips No. 3 Exercise

Exercising each and every day will assure your overall well-being. Exercise is among the most essential daily health tips that’s in charge of helping the body to fight some health issues that might attack the body. if you are a busy person you can indulge in aerobics exercise that may not take much of time as all you require for a start is simply a minimum of 20 minutes. Some of the aerobic exercises are jogging, running, swimming, biking, hiking, running, walking, and even dancing. How easy could it get? Can you see you don’t have an excuse for not exercising because the minimum you can do is dance which you should find any difficulty in doing.

Must have tools for a healthy life

The above routine is must for a healthy body and life. But there are certain tools or devices that you need to have to supplement your daily health routine and helps in healthy life. Here are my favorite:

Blood Pressure Monitors

top blood pressure monitor UKWe live in a world where life is so busy and people have lots of stress. The daily stress gives rise to increasing number of heart and blood pressure patients. So it is necessary to check up your blood pressure daily if you have heart related problem or problems with your blood pressure. But going to doctor daily to monitor your blood pressure would not be an easy job and hence you should buy a good blood pressure monitor of 2017. Having a best blood pressure monitor at home will solve many of your problems and help in monitoring your blood pressure easily.

Home blood pressure monitors come in arm-cuff and wrist-cuff models. There are many different kinds of home blood pressure monitor, but it is easiest to use a monitor that is fully automatic (digital). Choose one that measures your blood pressure at your upper arm, rather than at your wrist or finger. The right blood pressure monitor can give you a better understanding of your condition. This no-nonsense approach may sound unappealing to the tech-literate gadget fiends among us but, for medical monitoring devices in particular, usability is the cornerstone of good design. When narrowing your choice, make sure to consider performance, features, and price, as well as attributes such as color, size, or style.

  • Upper-arm blood pressure monitors usually give the most accurate and consistent results.
  • It can be motivational, as it gives you feedback while you’re making changes to your lifestyle – all those kale smoothies and CrossFit classes will be worth it as you watch your blood pressure come down!
  • To take a reading, all the user need do is attach the cuff to their upper arm and hit the big, blue button.
  • Some models have multiple user memories, allowing more than one person in your household to monitor and record their blood pressure.
  • As the cuff tightens around the upper arm, it restricts blood flow, allowing the meter to read the blood pressure of the individual.

And they provide your GP with additional measurements to monitor your condition or adjust your medication. As well as displaying your blood pressure, the machine will display stats on your pulse and even identify whether you have an irregular heartbeat. Cons: With all arm monitors, correct fit of the cuff is essential. When a reading displays, it is extremely important that the individual knows how to properly decipher it. Wrist blood pressure monitors tend to be lighter and therefore more portable for traveling. With an automatic arm monitor, you simply wrap the cuff around your bicep and with the push of one button the cuff inflates and deflates automatically giving you your blood pressure reading on the display window in a matter of seconds. If it’s too tight or loose you may get inaccurate readings. Blood pressure displays in terms of systolic and diastolic pressure. But they are more prone to giving inaccurate readings because the wrist isn’t naturally at heart height, so the wrist has to be carefully positioned while a reading is taken. Wrist monitors work similarly, except they attach to the wrist. Read more…

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Kids Safety – Tips and Tools You Need to Know to Avoid Accidents

We all know, kids till the age of 6-7 often fall, slip or tumble. This makes the parents very tense and nervous, but this is the part and parcel of being a child and one cannot change it. But there are certain things that parents can do to avoid or minimize the serious accidents and injuries that can harm or have permanent disabilities. Here are some tips and also tools to keep your child safe.

Kid SafetyChild GPS Tracking System

You are always concerned about the safety of your child as a parent. But you need not worry any longer as the Child GPS Tracking System can help you in a variety of ways. Technology plays a key role in the way you lead your lives along with your children these days. As children are young, they want to learn and go for driving. Sometimes they may just want to engage in the process without informing you. But your worries certainly get reduced as with the presence of new technological marvels like Child GPS Tracking System.

If you take the assistance of these child tracking gps tech gadgets, you can easily trace down the location where your kids have gone away. There is every chance that they may want to go for a quick drive without informing you and with these types of GPS Tracking in place you can just relax as parents. You can also easily comprehend the level of driving skills which your children possess. Sometimes children would find means to steal your own vehicles and go out for driving stints. With this systems are easily available to be used stealing can also be prevented.

Safe Sleeping

baby sleeping in cribMany infant and kids die during sleep by falling from the bed. There are reports of about 17 deaths occurred in UK while babies were sleeping with their parents or others . If you choose to sleep with your baby you need to be sure you do it safely. Always put your infant on their back to sleep & make sure the cribs they sleep in are safe. Learn how to protect your child from sleeping injuries using the information below:

  • “Back To Sleep”/SIDS (Suddent Infant Death Syndrome)
  • Crib Safety
  • Entrapment Safety Tips – Flyer
  • Toddler Bad Product Recall
  • Bedsharing
  • Bedsharing

Using Bunk Beds For Kids

Bunk Beds UK 2017Since there are huge shortage of space in modern house, many parents buy bunk beds. The bunk beds are nothing but two (sometimes three) beds are stacked one above the other so that more than one kid can sleep at the same space. But as a parents you should be careful in choosing these bunk beds. If indeed there is very shortage of space in your house and you have more than 1 kid, then buy the best bunk beds in UK. The good quality bunk beds are made of solid material and have proper safety mechanism.

Bunk beds are convenient for kids who share a bedroom. If your girls are well-behaved then I don’t think there’s much danger in having a bunk bed. Check regularly to make sure the bed frame is sturdy and free from signs of wear and tear. A child sleeping in the top bunk can fall out. To make sure your children enjoy their bunk safely, be clear with them about the rules of use.

  • When I was a kid my sister and I had a bunk bed, and I was on the top (she sleep-walked). I did fall off once, but I was awake.
  • Check for any gaps that may trap fingers, limbs and heads.
  • Anyone sleeping in the bottom can be hurt if the top bunk collapses.
  • Also, make sure that the bed you own—or are thinking of buying—meets current safety standards.
  • But the novelty of playing on the top bunk wore off after a few weeks of having to climb up the ladder.
  • Follow all safety instructions and warnings that come with the bunk beds and discuss them with your child.

If your child’s room has good bunk beds, follow these safety tips. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly to be sure it is put together correctly. Make sure that ladders are attached securely to the bed–and that your child is comfortable going up and down. Make sure there is nothing sticking out from the bed which could catch in your child’s clothing. Place beds in the corner of the room, so that there are walls on two sides. Your youngest may be ready to move into the bottom bunk of a bunk bed, but your oldest isn’t quite old enough for the top. Place a nightlight close to the bed, so that s/he is able to find the way in the dark. Never tie ropes or cords, such as belts for bathrobes or skipping ropes, to any part of the bed. This can lessen the chances of your child falling out.

Despite the convenience (two beds for the space of one), the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Consumer Product Safety Commission say that children under six years old should never be allowed to sleep on the upper bunk, with other experts extending that to eight or nine years old. To avoid falls and weakening of the beds, do not allow your children to jump or roughhouse on either bunk. These can pose serious strangulation hazards.Bunk beds that are sold in the UK must conform to the current safety regulations (British Safety Standard number BS EN 747:1993). They should be solid in construction and have no sharp edges. Also, install guardrails along the top bunk. The biggest risks to kids?

It’s important that the mattress fits the bed securely, and that the slats underneath are no less than 7.5 cm apart. Firmly attach a ladder to the top bunk bed and put a night light nearby so your child can see the ladder. Cuts, bruises, scrapes, and fractures from falling out of (or jumping from) the top bunk. The upper bunk should have guard rails on both sides, with a gap of 300 mm to allow access. Don’t allow children under age 6 to sleep in the upper bunk. Use guardrails on both sides of the top bunk. Although some do come with a bunk bed rail extension, these guidelines are what are generally accepted for optimum safety. The gaps in the guardrails should be 3.5 inches or smaller to prevent strangulation. Guardrails need to extend at least 5 inches above the mattress top to prevent kids from rolling off. Check that the mattress foundation is strong and that the right mattress size is used. Read more…

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Juicer – How To Choose The Right Juicer in India

People are very much aware of the importance of eating the right food for their good health- that is an understatement. Vegetables and fruits are on the top list of foods that we need to consume because of the micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins we can get from these.

Nevertheless, more often than not, we fail to eat the substantial amount of fruits and vegetables and with this regard, juicing becomes a healthy option so that we can get the right nutrients. Moreover, aside from the complete nutrients we can get from juicing, the essential components are preserved unlike in cooking which only breaks down and destroys the key elements of phythochemicals and complete enzymes of fruits and vegetables.

Now, the question that is worth answering would be – which best juicer in India you should get from the wide array of choices available in the market?  You may find the question troublesome because it involves money when you purchase juicer and you just want to make sure you have the right investment suited for your needs.

Best JuicersAfter doing my research, I realized that there are several important factors to consider when you are getting a juicer and it all boils down to:

  • Types of fruits & vegetables for juicing
  • Quality of the juices
  • Noise level
  • Ease of juicing

Another question that will surely pop into your mind would be- which type of juicer is better for your personal use? To name a few, Acme 5001 Supreme Jucirator or known as Induction model because the motor has no brushes that can be worn out. The design is simple and the housing is made of plastic with stainless steel strainer basket. You may try to purchase this simple and efficient juicer for everyday use.

The Breville Juice Fountain Professional JE900 Juicer is a very popular brand and well-known to its sturdiness and durability. This heavy duty juicer has wider feed chute designed to save time in cutting.

Lastly, if you are particular in the foam a juicer can produce, L` equip 110.5 Mini Juicer is the model you may want to have because it produces less foam compared to its other competitors. The motor is also powerful to juice hard fruits and vegetables with the help of the pulp ejection, one of the best features of this model.

 I am interested in making vegetables juice only OR I would like to have high quality wheatgrass juice.

JuicingThere are people who specifically want to change their eating habits into a vegetarian lifestyle. In this case, you may be looking for a juicer made for green leafy vegetable since centrifugal juicer functions are inadequate to extract some green leafy vegetables. Likewise, there are also some types of consumers who are looking for juicer particularly designed for wheatgrass. The reason why there are models only made for these particular consumer needs is because green leafy vegetables have lesser juices compared to fruits, and quite hard to extract. As a result, juicers that are suitable for juicing fruits would be less effective when juicing vegetables. To produce vegetables juice effectively, you would need a juicer that is specifically able to juice soft produce and runs at a low RPM.

There are two types of juicer specifically made for vegetables, the single auger and dual stage single auger juicer. The single auger was initially marketed for wheatgrass, the most popular drink for its rich chlorophyll content and best detoxification properties. The dual stage juicer, on the other hand, also works the same as single auger but the only difference is that the initial crushing of the vegetables, the juice is still passing through different process – juicing screen to juice cup, then the crushed vegetables passes through the second stage wherein a finer holed screen is going to filter out more juice.

How does single auger juicer work?

The single auger juicer is the most versatile juicer and also gives the best quality of wheatgrass juice. Since then, single auger juicer is really catered to produce excellent wheatgrass juice. When it comes to speed, this juicer has to run at a low RPM (80-120 revolutions per minute) for little oxidation in maintaining the health benefits. The auger pushes the wheatgrass forward and meshing it into paste and then pushes it through stainless steel strainer to separate the juice from pulp.

This juicer is similar to the one above but it is more powerful in a way that there is a finer holed screen to obtain more juice from the vegetables. As a result, you can expect more juices are produced with this machine.

There are limited brands for dual stage single auger juicer. The Solo Star dual stage single auger juicer is made to handle any kinds of fruits and leafy vegetables you want to juice. The low speed gently squeezes your produce to its maximum yield of juice with no worry on its durability. On the other hand, Omega 8004 and Omega 8006 is the upgraded version of the Omega 8003 and 8005 model with 15 year warranty and easier and quicker to clean as to compare with the Solo Star brand.

Single auger and dual stage single auger juicers are really perfectly made for people who are raw food enthusiasts, who love to eat plant-based foods not subjected to any form of cooking and destroying the essential nutrients and live enzymes. These are people who do not mind juicing grass and vegetables, despite of the grassy taste, to achieve and maintain a sensitive body system and experience a total increase in their energy, mental capacity, and able to live a long and healthy life.

Our health is our personal responsibility. Improper diet can be suicidal by inducing body impairments and illnesses. With our daily consumption of unhealthy foods, our bodies are largely lacking proper and adequate nourishment. Less people are meeting the required optimum nutrition that can help in keeping our bodies strong and healthy. But with the advent of technology, it brings us closer to our goal: to live longer and healthier life. Juicer is not a just a display in your well-designed kitchen. It is merely a worthy investment and important necessity which serves as the other means to extract all the important nutrients we need from vegetables and fruits in the form of one glass of fresh juice.

How To Choose The Best Juicer in India

Top Juicers 2017When you’re serious about your health, consuming the highest quality, nutrient dense foods should be your first priority and something not to be compromised. Some compact juicers collect the pulp in an internal basket, but most others eject the pulp outside of the machine into a container that is specifically sized for the juicer. Don’t believe the pulp fiction. Frankly, that depends on your goals and your lifestyle. Cold pressed juicers operate at lower speeds (usually around 70-80 RPM), keeping heat generation to a minimum.

We recommend purchasing a juice extractor that ejects the pulp externally– this allows you to make larger quantities of juice without having to take extra time to stop your juicer, open it up, and empty the basket. The evidence says otherwise. If you’re a hardcore raw foodie who wants to invest in a killer machine and you have some extra time on your hands, you might go full tilt with a twin-gear juicer. This not only produces a superior tasting juice with minimal foam and separation, but it also means that the beneficial enzymes and nutrients are retained. Once you get juicing, you don’t want to have to stop before you’re finished. Read more…

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How to Green Your Business and the Benefits

Going green is one of the very best ways for a business to set themselves apart from the competition and to gain favor with a loyal, growing niche of people in their target audience.

It’s likely that nobody is really going to say “This company is eco-conscious? I refuse to give them my business”, so there’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain by going green.

Not only does it help the environment, but it can help your bottom line as well. Many countries offer very generous credits for companies that work to project the environment, and with consumers going out of their way to find green brands – there has never been a better time!

Here are some tips on different things you can do to help make your business greener. Don’t confuse going with green and making greener choices with being a charity, it’s still possible to run a very profitable business and to still take the environmental impact of the business into consideration.

It’s a good idea to spend a couple of hours calculating the overall carbon footprint of your business; you can find guides that will help with this online. Once you have a baseline in place, you’ll be able to measure how much you have improved year over year in terms of being green.

Energy Efficient Lighting

This one thing alone can save a lot of power. Switching from traditional bulbs to LED bulbs is way more energy efficient, meaning it will also save money in the long run. Rather than paying maintenance to get up on ladders and have to change bulbs every few months, these energy efficient bulbs will last way longer meaning your staff can focus on more important tasks and making this one of the overall best moves, across the board, if you’re looking to help your business be greener.

Green Web Hosting

Finding a suitable hosting provider is not always an easy task. Especially if you would like to find an eco-conscious hosting company that cares about the environment. But recently more and more internet providers are taking part in a variety of eco-actions like using renewable energy, buying carbon offsets and applying for various eco certificates to reduce their impact.

Going Paperless

Certain industries are notorious for using a lot of paper, and by going paperless or at least working towards being paperless they’re able to reduce the amount of trees that are cut down needlessly. Granted, paper companies are actually pretty good at replacing trees after they’ve cut them down – at least in certain parts of the world – but it’s still better to start implementing systems that don’t rely so heavily on paper. Schools and the education industry have been making a push to use less paper recently, many textbooks are now available on eReader devices like a Kindle or a tablet instead, which not only saves trees but it’s a lot easier than carrying around big heavy books everywhere. Also, certain forward-thinking law firms are going paperless and they love it!

Turning Things Off

Have your employees turn off their computers and monitors at the end of the shift, there’s no sense is having electronics on all the time even when they’re not in use. The same goes for printers and anything else in the office for that matter, but especially for companies that deal in heavy equipment and stuff that uses a lot more juice – turn it off when it’s not being used! The environment, your pocket book AND your customers will thank you for being greener!


Make it easy for your employees to recycle by putting labeled recycle bin next to the trash can. You can start by recycling paper, plastic and aluminum.

Reduce Your Waste

If you can find suppliers who take back their packaging and re-use it after you’re done with, that can do a great deal to reduce waste as well. What you can do to save energy or to have less of a toll on the environment really depends on what type of business you’re running and what industry you’re in, but there’s no reason to not get greener!

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