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Parenting, Love, and Relationships

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This is a site for parents who want to learn parenting and personal relationship skills. Includes articles and products recommendations for families.


In addition to parenting, this website also features information on marriage and positive relationships.


The many different branches that extend from the “tree” include raising children, positive adult relationships which include marriage and friendship.

This site features information and ideas for people that wish to be more loving, respectful, capable, confident, independent, and nurturing.

Stories and photos from raising children, one boy, and one girl.

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Organic Arts and Crafts Ideas with Kids

Wonderful resource for parents and teachers of 6-12 years old children. This fabulous book provides ideas and guides for creating art from eco-friendly, kid friendly, safe, renewable materials. Sections are organized by idea or material, such as, “Trees, Leaves, and Twigs” and “Rocks, Pebbles, and Shells.”  Some projects include creating clay beads, a glittering sand castle, potpourri,…

The Parent Teacher Activity List

Guide book written for both parents and teachers, by Montessori educators. Education hands-on guide.

Musical Hand Bells

Facilitate the development of the child’s sense of tone and enjoyment of creating music with these beautifully fun musical hand bells. Each of these 8 colored metal bells has a plastic handle and offers a different musical tone. This set also comes with music which the child can follow to create favorite songs. Recommended for…